About the Classic Racing Times

The Classic Racing Times was founded in 2013 as a newsletter in support of Vintage Racing with an emphasis on Vintage Indycar.  Vintage Racing is one of the fastest-growing segments in motorsports today, and the Classic Racing Times provides insights and information by and for the people who love racing history.

The stories and photographs published in the bi-monthly newsletter are chosen with a keen eye toward history and to serve as a conduit for open dialog on the issues racing faces today.

The Classic Racing Times relies on advertising, sponsorship, and subscriptions to cover expenses and to maintain a high standard for content.  Please consider lending us your support.

The Classic Racing Times LLC is also a promotional company providing on-track events at select Indycar race venues and the annual Racers' Luncheon.  For further information and promotional opportunities, please contact:

Gary Mondschein
The Classic Racing Times
PO Box 220
Brodheadsville, PA 18322
Phone 570-656.5962
Email gary@theclassicracingtimes.com
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